Achieve The Highest Possible Performance

With optimized coating designs, and stringent handling and cleaning procedures, we have achieved our goal of being able to provide our clientele with the highest performance optical coatings possible coupled with some of the lowest defect densities available in the industry. In short, we strive to treat your optics the way your company would while they are in our care.

Innovative Coating Solutions

The staff at GCL prides themselves on helping our customers solve some of their most difficult application problems by searching out and implementing innovative coating solutions. We will work with you to find the optimum coating solution for your product. When you use GCL, you are getting a company that is committed to providing the attention to detail and service you would expect from your own company's in-house coating department.

State of the Art Coating Capabilities

GCL offers one of the widest array of coating deposition techniques available to any coating company in the industry. This allows us to choose the most appropriate method to apply thin-film coatings in order to achieve the highest standards of reliability and durability possible.

GCL is one of the few companies nationwide to offer Ion Beam Sputtering as a coating deposition technique. Ion Beam Sputtering provides the advantage of the highest packing densities of any deposition technique available, giving the thin-film coating exceptional adhesion, abrasion resistance and ruggedness. In addition, we also offer Ion Assisted Electron Beam Deposition, Electron Beam Deposition and Resistance Source Deposition.

Commitment to Quality

The longevity of GCL's staff (average tenure is 25 years), has led to a solid trust between GCL and our clients.

GCL focuses on details. Each substrate is accounted for, both in-coming and out-going, inspected and reviewed per customers' blueprint. Each is hand cleaned, evaluated and documented. Each run is registered for traceability and logged for future inquiries.

It is of the utmost importance to keep the lines of communication open, working together to overcome challenges and find solutions.

We handle your optics as our own. When you are successful in your endeavors, we are successful.